1. Ohaithar spidey #vscocam

  2. Porcupine Trail at Perisher #vscocam

  3. Thredbo. Weather closing in up top. #vscocam

  4. Kath and Pete scouting for photo locations. Requirement bring a waterfall or an outcropping of snowgums #vscocam

  5. Snowgums at Thredbo #vscocam

  6. Peta post half marathon #vscocam

  7. @kathcourt on Anzac Bridge enroute to cheer on Peta at the Silly Sydney RunsFestival #vscocam

  8. Bam! Leichhardt, St Ives, Aluna Bay, West Head, Manly, Mosman, CBD, Leichhardt. 132km #vscocam

  9. This mornings training ride has taken me to West Head. Now to get home! #vscocam

  10. @kathcourt’s hard work in the garden has paid off - a tulip! (With more to come) :) #vscocam