1. Morning ride was somewhat damp. Taking cover at Gladesville Bridge #vscocam

  2. #hyperlapse fun at Circular Quay

  3. Hyperlapse testing - work window

  4. @sjogrady bring mobbed by a crowd of affirming seagulls after his #2forTuesday hungry jacks lunch

  5. Freshwater #vscocam


  6. Crisis in the Suburbs: One Man’s Fight to Fix the American Dream (via instapaper)

    Australian governments should take note.


  7. The Pitchforks Are Coming… For Us Plutocrats (via instapaper)

    Nick Hanauer nails it. Much more eloquently than I could, but expressing the same ideas I hold.

  8. Rose bay #fogwatch #vscocam

  9. #fogwatch never stopped, always alert never alarmed about a long lack of fog to report. This morning there was a fine fog in Sydney to report @sfos83 #vscocam

  10. Snowy selfie at Perisher #vscocam